A photo of a naked man sitting on a dead shark has gone viral, causing an outraged response. The bizarre picture was posted by a broadcaster, and the conservationist behind it, asked people to find the mystery man. After finding the picture on Facebook, a Florida animal welfare activist, said, “I want to meet the guy.” She told the story of the incident, and the picture has gotten millions of views.

The man in the shark picture was identified as Jimmy John Shark, who was on his way to meet Jim McElwain, a professional scuba diver. However, both McElwain and Liautaud denied being the man in the photo. The New York Post has contacted McElwain and the Florida state governor to confirm the identity of the man in the picture.

Jimmy John's Founder: I Did NOT Get Naked and Hump a Dead Shark! - The  Hollywood Gossip

On Tuesday, two prominent lookalikes of the man appeared in the photo. The two men have denied being the man. In fact, they have denied the photo. The man who uploaded the photos was a former NYPD officer named James McElwain. This photo also drew attention to the alleged “naked man” on a shark.

The man in the shark photo may be a former NYPD cop. According to the person who posted the images, the naked man is a former officer of the NYPD. In the case of Jim McElwain, the man in the picture is an animal welfare advocate from Orlando. The image has since gained traction, but it is still unknown who is the man.

The image was first shared on Twitter by a University of Florida football coach. A second person claimed to be the man in the picture. The photo has received worldwide attention. The man’s name has been confirmed as a former NYPD officer. He also claims to be a retired policeman. The sleuths of the photo have not been able to get hold of the man.

The man in the photo has been identified as Jim McElwain. He has been spotted in several shark photos. The man in the shark photo is a Florida college football coach. He was allegedly trying to meet McElwain to discuss his career goals and to discuss his experiences in the media. Neither the photographer nor the policeman have been identified. The photographer’s identity has not been made public. He was a student at the University of Florida.

In addition to Jim McElwain, the man in the photo has been identified. The man in the photo was spotted on a shark, but the photographer said it was a “mistake.” The photos were not posted by the dolphin club. On the other hand, it is unclear if the man was injured by the shark. There are no witnesses to the photograph. Despite the similarities, the photos were taken by a former NYPD police officer.

The man in the shark photo has been identified. He was headed to Florida to meet Jim McElwain. The man has been a longtime friend of animal welfare activists. Earlier, an investigation revealed that the man was a student of the famous NYC dolphinarium. A few days later, the incident was cleared up and it was a misunderstanding between the two professors and the two men.

The man in the shark photo has been identified as a former NYPD police officer. There are also reports that he is an undercover agent. The photos also suggest that the man is the owner of a large, unidentified shark. There are some claims about the identity of the man in the shark photo. In some cases, the person in the photo has even been named before.