Aside from swimming and going to the beach, what other recreational activities can families do on hot summer days? Some ideas include Geocaching, night bowling, baking, and even crafting with pipe cleaners. Regardless of the weather, there’s an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Check out some of the ideas below. These activities are sure to make your summers even better! Whatever you do, don’t miss out on these fun activities! Get the Source for everything in San Antonio for parents.


Geocaching is a fun family activity that involves hiding small containers called geocaches. Once found, the objects in the geocaches must be returned to the original location. The geocache owner can leave a prize item inside the container but it should not contain food or anything dangerous, since wildlife will destroy it. After finding the geocache, the owner should log the experience on a website or app.

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Night bowling

A family-friendly activity for nights, night bowling is a fun alternative to watching a movie on a warm summer night. You can play with glow sticks, bottles, or balls to create lanes. You can even play games like hide and seek with your flashlight. If you prefer, you can also hold a tournament at home. If you’re in the mood for a night out, there’s also the Lord Calvert Bowl in Calvert County, Maryland. It’s open till 11 p.m. on weekends.

Baking together

One of the best ways to spend your summer days indoors is to bake together as a family. Make it a tradition to cook together on a weekly basis, so that the kids can participate and help. They can stir ingredients, use cookie cutters, and taste the finished products. Even older children can help make a family bake-off. There are a number of recipes that are kid-friendly, including these great ones from THIS SITE.

Crafting with pipe cleaners

Crafting with pipe cleaners is one of many fun, low-cost recreational activities families can do together. The versatile materials can be twisted, bent, and strung with beads to create all kinds of fun crafts. You can also get creative with these colorful craft supplies, which can be used to create toys, dolls, and other items. Kids of all ages can enjoy these projects, and they make a great way to spend some quiet time.

Kite flying

Flying kites is a great recreational activity for the whole family to enjoy during a warm day. It’s easy to do anywhere and all you need is a breeze to make it fly! Spring is a great time to enjoy kite flying, with the snow melting and the world becoming greener! There are many benefits to kiting with your family and you can find many reasons to go kiting this spring.

Making a toy sailboat

The summer is a time of fun and festivities, from backyard barbecues to pool parties to long hazy days spent with your family. With the kids out of school, however, summer days can get a bit extra long. Then, figuring out creative ways to keep them entertained can feel like a chore. Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained this summer. Read on for more details!

Outdoor activities

If you’re looking for a family activity to do during the hot summer days, consider trying one of these fun activities. Kids love bugs and love to study them. Grab a bug book from the library and take a walk outdoors, looking under rocks and logs. Once you’ve found some bugs, make an extension art activity using the things you’ve found. Then, get everyone together and cook up some of the results!

Indoor activities

Summer is the time to spend outdoors with your kids. They can burn off the extra energy in the heat by playing in the park, reading a book by the pool, or cooking with fresh summer produce. Summer means more time to pursue hobbies and explore your hometown. Here are some ideas to keep your family busy this summer. Enjoy the summer with your kids! Just remember to keep your cool! Indoor recreational activities for families during summer days are more fun than you think!