A real estate agent, Realtors Atascadero CA or broker is a licensed individual who brokers or represents buyers or sellers of real estate. While typically a broker can work alone, an individual agent most often works for a licensed brokerage under a broker registrant to represent various clients. Each state has different laws and requirements to become registered as an agent.

4 Misconceptions About Working as a Real Estate Agent

What is a common misconception is that all agents are salespeople and that the role of the agent is as the salesperson. This is not true. While most do speak in the same manner when describing their role as a broker/agent, there are a few who are salespeople first and brokers second. It is important for each buyer/seller to determine what type of agent they want before hiring one. Often times agents will be individuals who have both been licensed as a realtor and who have a proven track record in real estate transactions.

An agent helps guide the buyer/seller through the buying/selling process. They will often begin with the basic inquiry stage of the transaction. These agents will also assist during the property assessment (also known as the property evaluation) stage of the transaction. This agent will also make sure the buyer/seller has accurate financing information and will assist in locating qualified buyers/sellers. If a home inspection is required, these agents will ensure it is performed by licensed professionals and will provide any necessary receipts for the service.

There are many national realtors, and not all of them will be fully licensed. Many of these non-licensed brokers will work through an agency or designated broker and state the need for a license separately from other realtors. The National Association of Realtors, or NAR, is the largest national association of realtors in the United States. Members are required to meet a minimum level of education and experience in order to be a member of the association.

The NAR also publishes a national directory which is available to all members. Many of the realtors participating in the NAR’s national directory are also registered members of the national association. In order to become a member of the national association, one must first complete either an associate degree program or a bachelor’s degree program from an accredited university or college. Some states require that realtors obtain licensing before they can join the NAR; however, most states require that a candidate for membership meet the minimum requirements for NAR membership.

In order to become one of the more than 300 licensed agents in the United States, one must be a member of NAR. Although there are no minimum levels of education or experience required to become a realtor in the United States, there are a few national certifications that prospective agents can earn in order to become qualifying brokers. By becoming a member of NAR, prospective agents will be qualified to work in a variety of capacities for both sellers and buyers.