What Does Close Protection Service entails? It is extremely important to understand exactly what you can anticipate when hiring a close protection security officer. bodyguards in London specially trained individuals have many responsibilities. Their primary responsibility is to offer personal protection to their customers in the event of: sexual attacks, any form of psychological harassment, kidnapping, or, any other type of unwanted attention, unwanted contact, or, physical assault. In addition to this, they also serve as an escort to their customers, as well as being armed for protection if an attack occurs. Their services are most valuable in situations where people may be in danger, but may also be at risk themselves.

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Bodyguards are also skilled at protecting their own bodies. Close protection services will use specially trained bodyguards to accompany their clients. These experienced guards will carry a weapon in the event of an attack, whether that attack is physical or psychological. As well, bodyguards will be trained to subdue any other party that comes into contact with their client, if need be. This includes the use of tasers and stun guns. They will also be trained to restrain any individual who is interfering with their clients or harming them, whether that person is a criminal, a burglar, or a loved one.

Close protection services employ guards who are not police officers, so all personnel involved with these services are subject to oversight and discipline by law. Additionally, close protection services employ private investigators, which increases their force and ability to track down suspects. The investigators’ reports, if drawn up by a professional company, will be kept confidential, though not totally withheld from the general public. This allows the companies to keep a close eye on their clients and their employees.

Close protection services employ operatives who have undergone extensive training in all aspects of surveillance and crime prevention. These operatives are often from special forces, such as the FBI, CIA, or the IRS. Some operatives have experience in guarding high profile clients, while others have extensive experience working with various wealthy clients. Still others work for corporate clients, private detectives, and the likes. The operatives who work for close protection services will go through extensive background checks, sometimes run by private investigators, to ensure that they only hire the most honest and competent people possible.

All close protection services will train their operatives to act in the capacity of an independent contractor, working for themselves. When this contract is terminated, or the security service is asked to leave the home or business of a client, it is important for the operative to inform his or her employer that he or she is leaving the agency. The employer may then make arrangements for the close protection operatives to find another job within the company. If the former employee attempts to re-employ himself, he must first complete the obligations set forth in his employment agreement. The employment agreement may specify the type of notice that is required, and may also specify the steps the employer must take to provide notice to any third parties.

Close protection services may work for corporations, or for individuals, as private individuals who desire the highest level of protection. The highest level of protection afforded by these companies is protection level ten, which is what agents with this specialization and experience have been trained to do. The highest level of protection provided by this type of surveillance agency is reserved for very valuable clients and lives.