Before moving, you should take proper care of your furniture. Make sure you protect all your items with the proper equipment. Besides plastic wrap and Moving blankets, you can use skid boards, dollies, and hand trucks. Also, make sure you get a truck that has a tie-down track and a ramp for transferring furniture. This will prevent your items from falling out of the truck. When moving large pieces, you should get a truck that has all the necessary equipment to move them safely. Check out for the best furniture moving service.

Plastic wrap

Using plastic wrap when moving your furniture is a great way to keep it together. Wrapping each piece of furniture several times can help keep it from getting crushed. Be sure to wrap the corners as well, as these can cause scratches on your walls. Stretch wrap can also be used to secure protective pads around the corners of large pieces of furniture. Regardless of the type of furniture, it’s important to protect it during the move.

Mattress covers

When you’re moving, one of the first things you’ll need to do is protect your mattress. Moving mattresses can be a pain, so use mattress covers to protect your furniture. You can purchase these online or at many retail stores. They fit over your existing sheets or come with fitted sheets to keep your mattress safe. Mattress covers are lightweight and easy to clean. Simply wash them in warm water and dry them with a shower curtain rod.

Moving blankets

Moving blankets are great for protecting furniture while moving, especially when there is a lot of shifting happening. These pads fill the empty space between pieces of furniture, reducing the chances of damage during the move. These pads also prevent scratching and dents. Moving blankets are available in a variety of different materials and can be used for almost any type of item. In addition, they are very affordable. If you are looking to save money, you should invest in a lightweight blanket for your move.

Cleaning your furniture before moving

You may be wondering whether cleaning your furniture is necessary before moving. Depending on the material of your furniture, cleaning it properly is important to prevent corrosion and weakening of the finish. To clean wooden furniture, use a gentle cleanser or steel wool. If your furniture is made of fabric, vacuum and use a color-safe cleaner. Then, use a furniture polish to maintain the look of your furniture. The final step is to remove any remaining wallpaper or paint.

Mattress covers for fragile furniture

A mattress cover is essential to protect your furniture and your mattress while moving. These covers act as a moving blanket, protecting your furniture from damage. They can even be used to line boxes so that fragile items will not get damaged during the move. Mattress covers are available for twin, full, queen, and king-size mattresses. To protect your mattress, choose a mattress cover that is made to fit the size of your bed.