Do you want to join a college or need a fake ID to have fun at a nightclub with your friends? Maybe you are looking to create one for yourself. But remember, fake IDs, if they are not properly made, can easily get confiscated. We will show you some easy ways to make one using convincing materials.

Benefits of Using a Fake ID

There are many reasons why someone might want to use a fake ID. Perhaps they need a new ID to go out and have some fun, or they need an ID to get a job. If you’re looking to use a fake ID for any reason at all, using one that’s been made specifically for you is the best way to go.


With the right fake ID, you’ll be able to get into any bar, club, or another establishment that accepts identification cards. You’ll also be able to buy alcohol and other items without having to show your real identification. If you’re worried about being caught using a fake ID, don’t be – most establishments won’t ask for your driver’s license or passport when you present your fake ID.

A Simple Cardstock Fake ID


The first step is to take your identification or use another person’s ID by scanning the front and back. Then, you can change the text for your ID. Then, you can change the image while using someone else’s ID.


For the image, make sure that the person’s measurements, eyes, and hair color match yours. Then, no matter what option you choose, you need to use a scanner. You also need to scan the back to ensure the barcode matches the front.


The same rule applies when changing text, as you want the same unmodified information. Now, open your front of the ID using image-editing software or use one available online. If you scan another person’s ID, you must paste a new image over the current one.


Make sure to trim the photo to look similar to the original one. Next, export your new image to a separate file to open it in the same scanned ID project. The next step is to drag the image on top of the old one until you are happy with it.

Identify The Font Used On The ID


If you scanned your identification and only need to change the text, you need to figure out what font is used. You can look online at your state or a department to compare them. On older licenses, they mostly use couriers with slab serif. The newer ones use Aerial or another modified version of it.Use a duplicate tool or replica stamp to cover any text you want to change.


Next, zoom into the identification and copy and paste the background next to the number or letter you want to change. Finally, move the piece you copied over the number or letter to place it as if it was never there in the first place.


Place the text box over the numbers and letters you want to replace and type in new values. Or you can modify the existing text. For example, you can turn your eight into a 6 using the clone stamp on the upper section of the eight on the right.


Or you can turn your six into a number 8 by cloning it at the bottom right and pasting it into the opening. If you want to change entire lines, the result will look bad. Instead, only modify a few text fields. The reason is that the clone tools you find in editing programs only work on a smaller scale when it comes to complicated ID backgrounds.


Make sure the text lines up with the other characters on your identification.

Changing Your Details

Where possible, modify as minimum as possible text fields to help minimize needing to cover the text. If your details do not match your photo, you will not have a choice. Then you will need to change the image’s hair color, height, and eye color to match your identification.


You will need to enter a full name without using abbreviations. The only time you might use it is if you use, for example, “John Smith Jr.” Also, use realistic birth dates and never leave it as 1952 if you look 25 years of age.

Print Your Fake ID Using Heavy Cardstock to Cut Out


Now invest in heavy matte cardstock weighing between 100 to 130 lb. Next, print the back and front of your ID on that cardstock. Finally, take scissors and cut them with a straight edge. After that, you can print using a standard printer.


If you have a paper cutter, you can use it for cleaner lines, but it may fray at the edge depending on your cardstock. Now, use heavy-duty glue and spread it on the backside of each half. Next, press the two halves together to smooth the sides out.


Do this by pinching it between your fingers while sliding them to the edge, starting from the middle. Now, place your printed ID underneath something heavy to dry and flatten for eight hours.

The Next Step is Important to Make Your ID Look Real


Get a laminator and turn it on set to a medium-low temperature. Now place your new ID into the opening, allowing it to flow through the machine. Leave it to cool for up to ten minutes before you touch it.


Lastly, remove the trims and excess laminate present. Voila, you have a fake ID. A side note is depending on the laminator model you have. You may need to leave it to warm up for a couple of minutes. If the temperature is set too high, the glue you used on the layers will melt.

Making a Fake ID is Time Consuming


As you can see, making a DIY fake ID is very time-consuming and the chance of you getting it right the first time is not always possible. Another problem you face is that it is not a Fake ID Scannable product. These days, many people use scanners to check if an ID is real or false.


Instead, you can invest in buying one from a fake ID vendor online. The important thing is to use a trustworthy fake ID website like IDGOD.PH. The process is simple compared to making your one. All you need to do is choose your state and the type of ID you want.


What You Can Expect From The Service


You can expect to receive a premium fake ID with the best security elements. Your fake, for example, a driver’s license will have all the validations in place to make it legit. In addition, it will have the fine-line background and state seal available in UV ink, with the state seal overlapping your photo in the upper right corner.


You will also receive a rigid card with two barcodes and a magnetic stripe found on the back and thoroughly tested for use on readers and swipe scanners. Once you receive your fake ID, it will open up a new world to make you feel connected with your town.


You can use it at a garage cafe or a downtown bar. The choices are endless where you can scan your fake ID. But a word of warning always finds out where those places are that can easily spot fakes, and use your identification sparingly.


The best part is your identification will be printed on the hard Teslin material to ensure that it will not break apart as novelty ID cards do when it bends. Then provide them with the information you need from a full name, birth date, address, height, and a photo to make the fake ID for you.


Next, you pay the amount owed, and they will send the fake ID to you. See, it is much easier to order one than trying to make one yourself.



Order Your Fake ID In The Comfort of Your Home Today


The best part of using a fake ID provider online is that you need not leave your home to visit shady places. Everything is done with a lot of secrecy to ensure you remain anonymous. Even your transactions when paying are done with the highest security measures in place. So instead of trying to make a counterfeit ID at home that is not scannable, give IDGOD.PH a try. We believe it will be a safer bet to use your fake ID.


There are many reasons why someone might need to use a fake ID. For example, if they are not of legal drinking age, they may need to access bars, clubs, and other places where alcohol is served. They may also need to attend events or meet people who are not part of their regular social circle. In some cases, people may use fake IDs to get into gambling venues or other activities. Learn how to create a fake ID and if DIY isn’t your thing, we can point you in the right direction on how to get one made.